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    Matatatours is a compagny based to Moshi, a city situated at feet of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. It was created 17 years ago by Omari Matata.


    Matatatours, it is a story of family, Masaï family. The team is constituted by 20 chief guides and by 30 experimented porters, all coming from Masaï tribes.They have good knowledge of conservation issues, fauna and flora. Happy to share their knowledge, the good atmosphere is always within the team.


    Omari MATATA is a very strong man with a giant experience as Tourguide (more than 30 years). Expert in mountain, he has reached the summit of Kilimandjaro more than 2000 times. His secret is in his incredible capacity to impulse energy into an exhausted person. It's why 90% of his clients have a successfull ascent.


    Matatatours is able to give you the best average between price, quality and satisfaction for your Safari and treks.


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